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TIMKEN Bearing Solutions

wallpapers Environment 2020-12-04
TIMKEN recently announced that it will provide bearing solutions for the largest domestic slag vertical mill. The slag vertical grinding disc of this specification has a diameter of 5.7 meters and is developed and manufactured by CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CITIC Heavy Industries"), a leading domestic cement production equipment manufacturer.
The slag vertical mill plays a vital role in the construction of my country's large-scale infrastructure and helps promote sustainable development. Slag is the residue of ore after beneficiation or smelting. After being ground by a vertical mill, it can be used as an active mixing material for cement, mixed with cement to produce high-performance concrete, which is widely used in roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects. The slag vertical mill independently developed by CITIC Heavy Industries has an annual output of up to 1.2 million tons of slag powder.

"There are currently many large-scale construction projects in various parts of China, which have greatly stimulated the demand for high-performance concrete." Mr. Feng Shilong, President of Timken China, said, "For a long time, TIMKEN and CITIC Heavy Industries and the field Other customers maintain close business contacts to ensure that they can meet their customers’ growing demand for concrete and other building materials. The success of this business is a strong testament to the joint efforts and innovation of our two company teams."

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