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Advanced functional materials: "six in one" nanoparticles are used to inhibit subcutaneous and sentinel lymph node metastasis and prevent tumor recurrence and lung metastasis

wallpapers News 2020-10-12

cancer has become one of the biggest killers threatening human life the development of nano medicine has made great contributions to cancer treatment has developed a variety of collaborative treatment models. Among them the synergistic therapy of chemotherapy photodynamic therapy (CT / PDT) has attracted much attention due to its less invasive specific choice of light location less drug resistance can be an excellent supplement to chemotherapy. However sonodynamic therapy (SDT) which uses ultrasound (US) to activate the sensitizer to produce reactive oxygen species can be combined with PDT to produce more obvious therapeutic effect. Because the mechanical effect of us can trigger the precise release of encapsulated drugs it can also achieve the effective cooperation between SPDT CT which is expected to achieve the efficient destruction of local primary tumor the ablation of distal tumor of CT which may greatly reduce the risk of tumor recurrence metastasis. However tumor hypoxia will greatly limit the efficiency of SPDT / CT may lead to tumor recurrence metastasis or resistance to traditional chemotherapy. In order to solve this problem it is very important to develop new nano platforms with simple preparation oxygen loaded or oxygen generated nano carriers which can deliver therapeutic agents diagnostic agents.

Jiang Xiue team of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences has prepared iridium oxide nanoparticles which have photodynamic effect sonodynamic effect catalase activity. They can respond to the overexpression of hydrogen peroxide in tumor tissue to produce oxygen overcome tumor hypoxia further down regulate hypoxia inducible factor-1 α (HIF-1 α) multidrug resistance In order to destroy the resistance of cancer cells to traditional chemotherapy MDR-1 was expressed. Considering all these advantages adriamycin can be loaded into iridium oxide nanoparticles to construct a synergistic therapeutic agent for SPDT / CT with ultrasonic response precise drug release oxygen self supply. This "six in one" tumor diagnosis treatment system can obtain the distribution of doxorubicin nanocarriers by fluorescence photoacoustic spectral CT imaging so as to provide sufficient imaging guidance for the synergistic treatment of triple therapy. Finally "six in one" nanodrugs not only show significant therapeutic effect on local subcutaneous primary tumor but also can effectively inhibit tumor recurrence remove sentinel lymph node metastasis prevent lung metastasis. The researchers of

believe that this research will provide new ideas for the development of functional nano carriers the application of iridium oxide nano carriers will also add new notes to the movement of functional nano carriers.

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