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Advanced functional materials: a new way to play LEGO in the field of materials: two dimensional material stacking technology

wallpapers News 2020-08-22

"there's plenty of room at the bottom" Mr. Feynman said at the 1959 Caltech physics annual meeting. In recent years extensive studies on two-dimensional materials their stacking structures have undoubtedly confirmed this prediction again. 2D material stacking technology is not a specific operation but a series of operations including the preparation transfer stacking turning of 2D materials. Unlike three-dimensional bulk materials with fixed lattice structure two-dimensional materials can reach atomic level on a single scale. This feature enables researchers to stack assemble two-dimensional materials with different properties according to their own wishes just like LEGO toys so as to obtain artificial structures with excellent properties novel applications such as vertical van der Waals heterojunction corner multilayer two-dimensional materials hybrid dimensional heterojunction so on. This kind of technology breaks through the performance limitation of single material brings a new dimension to the research of two-dimensional materials. It plays an important role in the basic physical fields such as electricity optics magnetism applied scientific research such as nano devices biosensors. The modulation of lattice structure b type due to different stacking angles of two-dimensional materials can bring novel physical properties such as high temperature superconductivity giant magnetoresistance. At the same time the stacking combination of two-dimensional materials other nanostructures has also made great achievements in the fields of micro electronic devices high sensitivity biosensors flexible wearable devices.

recently Professor Liu Zhibo Tian Jianguo of School of physical sciences of Nankai University published a review article entitled "stacking of two-dimensional materials" in the Journal of advanced functional materials summarizing the research progress of two-dimensional materials stacking technology in recent years. It includes improved mechanical stripping reactive etching thinning chemical vapor deposition liquid phase stripping other high-quality two-dimensional material preparation technologies. It also introduces dry / wet transfer micro area stacking high-precision angle control ultra clean surface treatment deep machine learning automatic assembly other two-dimensional material stacking structure processing technologies. In addition the applications of 2d-1d 2d-0d stacked materials in different fields are summarized. The authors of

point out that two-dimensional material stacking technology is a powerful strategy to obtain high-quality free controllable nanostructures with atomic precision. At the same time the challenges in this field are pointed out such as nano level fixed-point transfer angle control less than 0.01 ° fully automated production. In the future how to achieve high quality high precision high efficiency sample preparation will be the focus of stacking technology research. The research based on two-dimensional material stacking structure is a hot topic in the field of basic physics it also has unlimited potential in the field of mixed dimensional structure interdisciplinary. It can be predicted that with the development of two-dimensional material stacking technology it will show its value in more fields bring us more unique properties novel phenomena.

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