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Advanced healthcare materials: smart band aid based on image recognition technology

wallpapers News 2020-09-10
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b aid is widely used for dressing wounds anti-inflammatory antibacterial. However the shape size of b aids currently on the market are fixed while the shape of wounds is mostly irregular. The mismatching of the two shapes may cause the following adverse consequences: first the size of the b aid is too small to cover all the wound areas the uncovered wound areas will not heal well; if the size of the b aid is too large it will cause waste of materials may affect the surrounding normal skin tissue (causing skin whitening etc.). At present artificial intelligence technology is accelerating the change of our production lifestyle. As an important field of artificial intelligence image recognition technology combines visual analysis data fusion other means which can identify various patterns of targets objects. It has a wide range of applications in intelligent navigation clinical diagnosis environmental monitoring. The research development team of "spkds" of Shenzhen University Zhang Xueneng a professor of "digital economy sensing" of Beijing University have cooperated with each other. The team used image recognition technology to quickly obtain wound contour data. The team designed wrote a specific computer code using the color difference between the wound area the normal skin image the bitmap image of the wound was automatically generated vector image imported into the computer modeling then generated a digital wound file. The active material with specific shape can be printed after the file is read by 3D printer. In this paper the active ingredient of wound patch is gelatin with silver nanoparticles which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Animal experiments showed that compared with the control group without b aid shape mismatched b aid the smart b aid with wound matching characteristics could significantly accelerate the wound healing rate of mice the recovery of epidermis collagen was also better. This is mainly due to the smart b aid can accurately match the shape of the wound release the drug to the wound site. Researchers of

believe that this kind of smart b aid has high commercial application potential can be combined with the existing business operation mode. For example the process of wound identification can be carried out through online channels combined with offline b aid printing docking with medical institutions patients. Maybe one day patients can order this kind of b aid with shape matching function as quickly easily as ordering takeout. This research integrates interdisciplinary technologies such as computer Internet of things material preparation processing biomedical engineering etc. which is a typical case of multidisciplinary cooperation
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