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Advanced science: a new type of photothermal phase change energy storage microcapsule

wallpapers News 2020-08-01

is the most important renewable energy to meet the growing global energy dem. Converting sunlight into heat energy is an important way of solar energy utilization which has great application potential in seawater desalination heating building solar energy storage system. Phase change materials can store or release heat energy efficiently in the process of solid-liquid phase change which provides the feasibility to solve the imbalance of solar radiation in time that is to solve the problem of temperature difference between day night. However the traditional organic phase change materials are easy to leak during phase change can not effectively absorb sunlight. In recent years the technology of phase change energy storage microcapsule which combines photothermal materials with phase change materials has gradually entered people's field of vision. The introduction of photothermal materials can directly efficiently absorb solar light energy convert it into heat energy which is then stored controlled released by phase change materials. However the current technology can only combine the photothermal materials with the shell materials or wrap them in the shell or modify them on the surface of the shell materials which leads to the direct dissipation of most of the heat generated by the photothermal materials in the convection between the shell the outside world which can not effectively store the solar energy.

for this reason Yu Xuefeng research group of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology Chinese Academy of Sciences has designed an efficient phase change microcapsule for solar energy storage. Firstly PMMA modified two-dimensional black phosphorus nanosheets were prepared by one-step method to improve their dispersibility in dichloromethane eicosane. Then a phase change microcapsule material was constructed by emulsifying volatilizing PMMA as shell material two-dimensional black phosphorus nanosheets phase change material eicosane as core materials. The phase change microcapsules have high latent heat value (180 kJ / kg) good thermal stability excellent photothermal conversion solar energy storage capacity. Under the condition of light the well dispersed two-dimensional black phosphorus in the microcapsule directly transfers the heat energy converted from solar energy to eicosane for storage. Compared with the sample of two-dimensional black phosphorus outside the capsule wall it has three times of the storage rate. This kind of photothermal phase change energy storage microcapsule material has great application prospects in the field of solar energy storage also provides a new method for the design of multifunctional phase change composite materials.

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