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Advanced science: new two dimensional ferromagnetic material ta3fes6 stabilized by air

wallpapers News 2020-10-23
In recent years

has attracted more more attention due to its unique interface structure rich properties wide application prospects. Among them the two-dimensional ferromagnetic materials combine the properties of charge spin which provides more development space for the realization of new functional devices such as two-dimensional spin valve. Recently two-dimensional ferromagnetism has been found successively in chromium halide (crx3 x = Cl Br I) cr2ge2te6 fe3gete2 systems. Cri3 exhibits interesting field effect tunable two-dimensional magnetism large interlayer tunneling magnetoresistance helical fluorescence. However the two-dimensional magnetic materials have the problem of poor air stability. For example in the natural environment cri3 nanosheets will decompose in a few minutes the magnetism of thin fe3gete2 nanosheets can only last for a few hours. The poor air stability of two-dimensional magnetic materials seriously restricts the progress of basic research application. In view of this exploring two-dimensional ferromagnetic materials with high air stability is of great significance for the study of two-dimensional intrinsic magnetism the application of spintronics.

recently Professor Zhai Tianyou Professor Han Junbo (co corresponding author) of Huazhong University of science technology jointly reported a new air stable two-dimensional ferromagnetic material ta3fes6. Ta3fes6 2D thin layer samples were successfully prepared by gold assisted stripping strategy. The two-dimensional ferromagnetism of ta3fes6 has been confirmed by means of the low-temperature micro polar magneto-optical Kerr system which has a strong Kerr response (48 mrad). The Curie temperature is 80 K. Most importantly after four months of air durability test it is found that ta3fes6 two-dimensional nanosheets have excellent air stability its Kerr signal can be maintained for four months without deterioration. Ta3fes6 a new two-dimensional ferromagnetic material with high air stability strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy provides an ideal platform for the study of two-dimensional magnetic spin devices.

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