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Characteristics of water-proofing agent made of nanometer silicon

wallpapers News 2020-05-28
Nanometer silicon powder
Main USES:
Can react with organic matter, as the raw material of organic silicon polymer material

Polysilicon is made from silicon metal by purification.
Metal finish.

Instead of nano carbon powder or graphite, it can be used as anode material of lithium battery to greatly improve the capacity of lithium battery

Nano silicon waterproofing agent

One, performance characteristics

White emulsion, non-toxic, no irritating taste, no burning, PH 12, density 1.15 ~ 1.2. Used for brick, cement, gypsum, lime, coating, asbestos, perlite, insulation board and other substrates with excellent waterproof and impermeable effect. It has the functions of preventing building weathering, freezing crack and external wall cleaning, anti-pollution, anti-mould and anti-moss. Reliable quality, good durability, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, no corrosion of steel, and safe use, convenient construction.

Use method

1. Spraying construction:

Before use to clean up the base level (especially the oil pollution, moss), the nanometer silicon waterproofing agent adding 8 times water mix, use spray or brush directly on the dry base construction, and at least two consecutive times (again not working on construction and the second time), to 1:2. 5 wool surface mortar, permeable about 1 mm deep, effective life up to 5 ~ 10 years, per kilogram of the agent construction about 40 ~ 50 times per m2, construction shall be within 24 hours after the rain water baptism, below 4 ℃ to stop the construction. It has excellent waterproof effect after drying at normal temperature, and even better effect after one week (longer curing time in winter). The test results showed that: after curing, the waterproof block was repeatedly forged and burned at 300℃ for 20 times and repeatedly frozen at -18℃ for 20 times, the waterproof effect did not change significantly. The diluent is now mixed and used up on the same day.

2. Waterproof mortar construction:

Clean up the basic level of sand, debris, oil, etc., the lime sand ratio is controlled at 1:2.5 ~ 3 (425# Portland cement, medium sand mud content is less than 3%); Nano silicon water-proofing agent can be directly used to prepare waterproof mortar by adding 8-15 times of water (volume ratio). The water-cement ratio is ≤0.5, and the actual net water-proofing agent dosage accounts for 3-5% of the cement. The waterproof layer is divided into two layers (each layer is 10mm thick); The bottom layer shall be first coated with plain mortar 1mm, then with waterproof mortar layer, which shall be compacted at the beginning of setting, and then poked into pockmarked surface with wood matting; Apply the second layer of waterproof mortar for smooth compaction. According to the normal curing or spraying the cement curing agent produced by the company.

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