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How to identify the quality of ball bearings?

wallpapers News 2021-09-23
Ball bearings have different characteristics according to class and design, which makes each class of ball bearings have different characteristics. For example, deep groove ball bearings can accept moderate radial and axial loads. Small friction, high precision, meet the requirements of quiet operation. More suitable for small and medium-sized motors. Spherical and roller bearings can accept high loads. These properties make them ideal for use, for example, in heavy engineering, which may have heavy loads, shaft deflection, and misalignment.
To distinguish the quality of ball bearings, we usually judge from the following aspects:
1. Packaging is clear.
Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer's brand has a special designer to design the outer packaging. Product packaging should be very clear and unambiguous from line to color.
2. Print clearly
Each bearing product has its brand name, label and so on printed on the bearing. In general, fonts on low-quality products are blurred. Due to rough printing techniques, the fonts float on the outside and some can even be erased by hand.
3. Whether there is noise
Hold the inner ring of the ball bearing with your left hand, turn the outer ring of the ball bearing with your right hand to make it rotate, and listen to whether there is noise when the bearing is running. Since most counterfeit products are manual workshop operations completed under backward consumption conditions, bearings will inevitably be mixed with dust, sand and other impurities in the production process. Therefore, when the ball bearing is in rotation, there will be noise or the operation is not smooth.
4. Whether there is oil pollution on the surface
Whether there is muddy oil on the surface, we should pay special attention to when buying ball bearings. Due to the current domestic anti-rust technology and foreign advanced manufacturing countries, there is a certain gap, bearing body rust is easy to leave thick oil stains. High-quality ball bearings have almost no traces of anti-rust oil.
5. Chamfer
The chamfering of ball bearing is the joint of the horizontal plane and vertical plane. Due to the limitation of production technology, counterfeit bearing products in these corners have not been properly dealt with. We can easily see this.
These are just simple ways to judge the quality of ball bearings. If you want to buy high-quality ball bearings, you need to have a deeper understanding of bearings and buy them through regular channels.
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