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Under The Epidemic, Europe Gradually Realized The Importance Of Wearing Masks

wallpapers News 2020-04-09

With the continuous development of the new European crown epidemic, some European countries and cities have stipulated that people must wear masks when going to specific places. Some well-known experts support people to wear costumes. The number of people wearing masks in actual life has gradually increased. Compared with the fact that almost no one wore a mask at the beginning of the epidemic, and even discriminated against the wearer, the European view of whether wearing a mask can prevent infection seems to usher in an "inflection point."

The Jena municipal government in Thuringia, central Germany, said on March 31 that regulations would be introduced in the coming week that requires people to wear masks when shopping, taking public transportation, and entering buildings with high traffic. Jena will be the first city in Germany to issue a "mask order."

Austrian Prime Minister Kurz announced on March 30 that from April 1. the public must wear masks to enter the supermarket for shopping. He said that this move does not conform to local cultural habits, but from the experience of Asian countries, wearing masks plays an essential role in preventing the spread of the virus, and the people must make adaptive changes. According to Austrian media reports, the government also intends to gradually expand the scope of wearing masks to public transport and other public places with dense personnel. However, the shortage of covers is still the main obstacle to increasing the range of wearing masks in Europe. In Geneva, Switzerland, the government has issued or mailed masks to family members over the age of 65 through family doctors. According to official Swiss data, there are currently about 17 million masks in Switzerland, while 2 million are needed every day.

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