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Product Features Of Aluminum-Based Alloys

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Aluminum-based alloys are aluminum processed products with certain physical and chemical properties produced by adding trace elements to ordinary aluminum through extrusion and casting processes. They are widely used in aerospace, power electronics, construction, decoration, food packaging, Automobile, shipbuilding machinery manufacturing and other fields.
Feature of product

Aluminum-based alloy is an alloy based on aluminum and added a certain amount of other alloying elements, and is one of the light metal materials. In addition to the general characteristics of aluminum, aluminum alloys have some specific characteristics of alloys due to the different types and quantities of added alloying elements. The density of aluminum alloy is 2.63~2.85g/cm, it has high strength (σb is 110~650MPa), the specific strength is close to that of high alloy steel, the specific stiffness is higher than that of steel, it has good casting performance and plastic processing performance, and good electrical conductivity. , Thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and weldability, can be used as structural materials, and has a wide range of applications in aerospace, aviation, transportation, construction, electromechanical, light and daily necessities.

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