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8 tips for authenticating high temperature resistant bearings

wallpapers Tech 2020-06-14
1. Look at the high temperature bearing logo
There are some regular high-temperature bearings with markings on the parts, such as assembly marks on the top of the gear markings, etc., used to ensure the correct installation of the machine parts.
2. Look at the color of high temperature bearing
Some original high-temperature bearings have a certain color on the surface, if they encounter other colors, they can be fake and inferior bearings
3. Look at the appearance of high temperature bearings
Generally speaking, the high temperature resistant bearings are printed or cast with clear marks and the marks are clear high temperature resistant bearings, while the fake high temperature resistant bearing products have a rough appearance.
4. See the texture of high temperature bearing.
The material of the original high temperature bearing is made of qualified materials according to the design requirements, and most of the counterfeit high temperature bearings use cheap and inferior materials.
5. Look at the finished high temperature bearing
Regular high temperature bearing must be complete and in order to ensure smooth installation and normal operation. Some small parts on some high-temperature resistant bearings are missing and are generally fakes, which makes installation difficult. Often due to the shortage of individual small parts, the entire assembly parts are scrapped.
6. Look at high temperature bearing storage
If there are problems such as dry cracking, oxidation, discoloration or aging of high-temperature bearings, they may be caused by poor environment, long storage time, and poor materials during storage. ,
7. Look at high temperature bearing joints
If the clutch plate rivets are loose, the brake hose is degummed, the electrical parts joints are unwelded, and the paper filter core joints are disconnected, they cannot be used.
8. Look at the high temperature bearing technology
The appearance of inferior products is sometimes not a fake high temperature bearing, but due to poor manufacturing process, cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs or bruises are prone to occur. Cylinder gasket is extruded and deformed, which can easily lead to incomplete sealing and ablation during use, leading to oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage. The burrs on the piston and piston ring working surface can easily pull the cylinder.

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