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INA bearing abnormal operating state performance

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As the main component of mechanical equipment, INA bearings will directly affect the normal operating performance of mechanical equipment during operation. Therefore, if the bearings has any abnormal state, it will also cause the mechanical equipment to fail to operate normally.
INA bearings will inevitably have abnormal conditions during operation. Our common abnormalities are mainly noise, abnormal temperature rise, large vibration (shaft bounce), excessive lubricant leakage, discoloration and other factors. What are the specific reasons for this abnormal state? How to deal with the abnormal state of the bearing. Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. gave a detailed answer.
1. INA bearings noise
If the INA bearings is in a good continuous rotation state, it will emit a low buzzing or buzzing sound. If there is a sharp hiss, squeak and other irregular sounds, it usually indicates that the bearing is in a poor continuous rotation state. Improper lubrication may cause a sharp squeak. Inappropriate bearing clearance can also cause metal noise.
There are three main types of common noise in INA bearings: large metal noise, regular noise and irregular noise.
(1) Large metal noise
The main reasons for the large metal noise of INA bearings are abnormal load, poor installation, insufficient lubricant and inappropriate contact with rotating parts.
Countermeasures to cause abnormal load of INA bearings: modify the fit, study the bearing clearance, adjust the preload and modify the position of the bearing seat.
Countermeasures for poor installation of INA bearings: machining accuracy of shafts and bearing seats, improvement of installation accuracy and installation methods.
Countermeasures for insufficient lubricants for INA bearings: replenish lubricants and select appropriate lubricants.
The countermeasure to make the rotating part of the INA bearing contact: modify the contact part of the curved seal.
(2) Frequent noise
Sometimes, INA bearings will emit "intermittent sound" during operation. This is conventional noise. The main causes of conventional noise are: indentation, rust and scars on the rolling surface of foreign objects, surface deformation (after steel carburization) and surface fracture of raceway.
Bearing countermeasures that cause dents, rust and scars on the rolling surface of foreign objects: replace bearings, clean related parts, improve sealing devices, and use clean lubricants.
Countermeasures for surface deformation of INA bearings (after steel carburization): Replace the bearings and pay attention to their use.
Countermeasures for cracks on the surface of INA bearing raceways: Replace the bearing
(3) Irregular noise
For example, in the working process of INA bearings, sometimes there will be "irregular sounds, sounds that will not change with changes in speed". This situation is irregular noise, which is more common in small INA bearings. The main reasons for this situation are: three conditions: excessive clearance, foreign body intrusion, and ball damage and breakage.
Countermeasures to cause excessive INA bearing clearance: study the fit and bearing clearance, and modify the preload.
Countermeasures to prevent foreign impurities from invading INA bearings: research on replacing bearings, cleaning related parts, improving sealing devices, and using clean lubricants
Countermeasures for INA bearing ball damage or fracture: Replace the bearing.
2. INA bearing temperature rises abnormally
INA bearings become hot after they start to run. After a period of time, it will operate at a lower temperature (usually 10-40 degrees higher than room temperature).
This is a normal phenomenon, and the bearing will also change according to changes in size, rotation speed and surrounding heat release conditions. At the same time, when the INA bearing temperature has not reached the normal state and an abnormal temperature rise occurs, we must consider unfavorable factors.
(1) Too much or too little lubricant
Countermeasures: reduce or replenish lubricants, use them in appropriate amounts, change bearing lubricants or greases regularly according to work requirements, and choose harder greases.
(2) Unsuitable lubricant
The lubricating oil of INA bearings does not meet the requirements or is contaminated, the choice of lubricating grease is inappropriate, it is not easy to form a uniform lubricating oil film, it is impossible to reduce the friction and wear inside the bearing, the lubrication is insufficient, and the bearing temperature rises.
Countermeasures: Choose a suitable lubricant for bearing lubrication.
(3) Abnormal load
Countermeasures: modify the fit, study the bearing clearance, adjust the preload, and modify the position of the bearing seat.
(4) Poor installation
Improper installation is another important reason for heating INA bearings. Since the bearing is installed correctly, it will directly affect its life and the accuracy of the host, so the center line of the shaft and the bearing hole must coincide during the installation process.
Countermeasures: Improve the machining accuracy, installation accuracy and installation method of the axle box.
(5) Creep of the mating surface, excessive friction of the sealing device
Countermeasures: Replace bearings, study coordination, modify axle boxes, and change the form of sealing devices.
3. Large vibration (shaft beating)
The main reasons for the large vibration of INA bearings are (after steel carburization) surface deformation, fracture, poor installation and foreign matter intrusion.
(After carburizing) Surface deformation countermeasures: pay attention to the replacement and operation of the bearing.
Countermeasures for INA bearing fracture: replace the bearing.
Countermeasures for poor installation of INA bearings: Modify the right angles of the shaft, bearing seat shoulder and the side of the washer.
Countermeasures to prevent foreign matter from invading INA bearings: replace bearings, clean parts, improve sealing devices, etc.
For example, poor technology can not meet the requirements, the rotor has dynamic and static imbalance, the foundation rigidity is poor, the feet are weak, rotating stall and surging. During the operation of some rotors, due to the corrosion of the medium or the wear of solid impurities or the bending of the shaft, unbalanced centrifugal force will be generated, which will cause heat and vibration of the INA bearing and the raceway will be severely worn until it is destroyed .
4. Lubricant leakage and discoloration
The reasons for bearing lubricant leakage and discoloration are: too much lubricant, foreign matter intrusion and friction powder.
Countermeasures: use lubricants correctly, study the replacement and selection of lubricants, study the replacement of INA bearings, and clean the housing.

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