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  • <b>Promising strategies for durable perovskite solar cells</b>

    Promising strategies for durable perovskite solar cells

    Researchers at Soochow University examined the mechanisms at play due to this intrinsic instability, as well as several degradation factors that influence the performance of perovskite photovoltaics. In a research update published in APL Ma...
  • <b>'Green' method for making pharmaceutical intermediates</b>

    'Green' method for making pharmaceutical intermediates

    Rice University scientists have developed a method to reduce alkenes, molecules used to simplify synthesis, to more useful intermediates for drugs and other compounds via a dual-catalyst technique known as cooperative hydrogen atom transfer...
  • <b>Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste</b>

    Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste

    That's what Rice University scientists call the process they employed to make efficient use of waste plastic that would otherwise add to the planet's environmental woes. In this instance, the lab of Rice chemist James Tour modified its meth...
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