Month: February 2024

Application Field and Market Demand of Ethylene Distearamide Emulsion

Characterization results of ethylene disopyramide emulsion: Stability analysis: The ethylene distearamide emulsion showed good stability during storage. After long standing, the emulsion did not appear obvious stratification or precipitation phenomenon, indicating good long-term stability. In addition, the stability of the emulsion was also verified at high and low temperatures, indicating that it has a wide temperature…

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Lift noise is a problem that super high-rise household buildings should encounter.

In daily life, noise is a trouble that can not be disregarded. Sound may stem from numerous sources, such as web traffic, commercial manufacturing, construction, etc. Nobody can resist the Chinese individuals’ imagined living overhead. In China, homes in core areas of some cities (such as Shenzhen, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and so on) are…

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